Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club

Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club. A social cycling club based in Wellington Somerset for riders of all ages and abilities. We run rides throughout the week as well as Time Trials in the summer and trips to the Newport Velodrome. The social side of the club is also taken very seriously with each ride having a cafe stop, and several events planned through the year including a summer BBQ, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas lunch. For more information please contact us.

Which Group Will Suit My Riding?

We welcome riders of many and varying abilities on our rides. The Club offers different levels of group rides to cater for this, please see details below. You do not need to become a member straight away before you ride with us and you are able to join us for up to 3 rides as a guest before committing to join the club. Which means you can give us a try to see if you like cycling with us.

We meet on Sunday mornings in the ASDA car park, Longforth Road, Wellington and set off at 0900hrs, unless otherwise stated.  Routes are published on the club’s Facebook page during the week.

Our ride leaders are experienced cyclists and the overarching aim of the rides are that they are safe and enjoyable for club members. Groups may be split into smaller ones dependent upon numbers present to enable Ride Leaders to manage the group more effectively and safely and for members to enjoy the experience more.

WWCC has a ’no drop’ policy where riders are supported to finish the route. See ‘Guidance for Riders’ for more details on etiquette, etc.

A Group

 Aim: A sporting social ride for fitter and more experienced riders who are already comfortable riding in a group. Well suited to regular entrants of cyclo-sportive events. The group aim to be back in Wellington by about 1300hrs.

Ability: You will need to be able to cover between 50-60 miles. 

Pace: Average speed is around 16-18 mph over the distance. A steady speed on flat with no wind would be approximately 20-22 mph. Training is given relating to riding in a chain gang and regular rotation of the lead is encouraged during the ride.  

Notes: Well suited to fitter riders who enjoy a more sporting social ride but with the opportunity to recover and regroup after hills and harder efforts on the flat. Often includes variable terrain, main roads and grassy lanes with quite challenging hills within the routes. A cafe stop always planned. Riders should be self-reliant but we always wait and help each other with punctures and mechanicals. Route planning is often rotated amongst regular attendees, and the group often aims to explore new roads setting off in different directions each week. 

B Group

Aim: A social ride for riders who have some experience of riding in groups. The routes go to different café destinations over the course of a 3 month period and take in some local hills and lanes aiming to be back in Wellington by 13.00hrs.

Ability: You need to be comfortable in covering distances between 40 – 55 miles 

Pace: Average speed for the group is between 13 – 15 mph

Notes: The ride regularly regroups especially after long ascents and will always wait for people who are struggling. People cycling in this group will be strong enough to take on cyclo-sportive events. You should be self-reliant with punctures and mechanicals, but help is always offered by the group.

B+ Group

Aim: The group will either set off at a faster pace or take in some more hills/roads off the published route. There is a social element to this group but you will probably be working quite hard over the course of the ride.

Ability: The route may be slightly longer than the main B Group and you will need to be comfortable with climbing more hills.

Pace: Average speed 14 – 16 mph

Notes: This group shares the same café destination as the main B group and sets out to be more challenging. B Group members are encouraged to ‘dip their toe’ into slightly more difficult routes with the B+, and there is flexibility within the structure, in that members can either, head out with the B+ and come home with the B Group or vice-versa.

C Group

Aim: A sociable ride for those who are new to cycling or just fancy a shorter ride on Sunday mornings. There is always a cafe stop, either halfway round or at the end of the route and aims to return to Wellington for 12.30 hrs. This group is suitable to those new to riding in a group.

Ability: You should be able to cycle distances of between 20 – 30 miles.

Pace: Average speed 10 – 12 mph

Notes: You will not need to be experienced with puncture repair but you will need to have the spares and tools to mend them. Ride Leaders and other group members will offer help should you unfortunately be in this situation.

C+ Group

Aim: C+ group offer rides for those who wish to do a longer and more challenging route than the C Group, to improve their riding skills and fitness, with the possible aim to move through the groups. The group aims to return to Wellington by 13.00hrs.

Ability: This group covers a distance of up to 35 miles

Pace: Average speed around 11 – 13mph

Notes: The C and C+ group will share the same café destination to meet for coffee and cake, but will take a different route back to the start. There is flexibility in the two groups where riders can either, head out with the C group and come back with the C+ group or vice versa.  

Tuesday Ride.

Aim: A mixed ability, relaxed, social ride, with the option for individual/small groups to extend the duration of the ride if they wish. 

Ability: 40 miles in 4 hours (includes café stop) or longer if you decide to extend the ride. 

Pace: Average speed around 12-14 mph. 

Notes: The ride will leave ASDA car park, Wellington at 09:15hrs.

The cafe stop is usually around the 20 mile point, therefore you should be comfortable completing approximately 40 mile as a minimum.

There is almost always a group that returns back to Wellington but there is also the option of doing your own thing either on your own or with others, on the way back.

Nobody will be left behind!

The destination will be published on the club rides calendar, but the route is decided by the Ride Leader on the day, subject to weather conditions, numbers and experience of riders.

Tempo Tuesday  

Aim: Wellington Wheelers Tempo Tuesday ride is a training ride for cyclists who want to increase their physical abilities further and become a faster, fitter rider and gain experience and confidence in riding in a chain gang. As well as being physically demanding you will gain skills and practice in leading and drafting other riders in a tight group which can consistently maintain a high average speed, much faster than a solo rider.

 Ability: Riders self-select or a put into groups of about 6 riders with approximately equal ability and are set off at intervals, with slower groups set off first.  Everyone works together as a group for the 20-25 mile route

 Pace: This will vary dependent upon the group but could range from 18 – 25 mph average over the course.

 Notes: These rides set off from the Budgens roundabout on the A38 and head to Willand or Cullompton on Tuesday evenings (18.50 for 19:00 start) throughout the spring and summer providing it is not raining too heavily and there is enough daylight to complete the course.

The most physically demanding part of the ride is when you’re leading the group. Ride at a controlled constant effort on the front for about a minute then, when safe, peel off and drift to the back of the chain. You now need to ride close to the wheel in front of you drafting and recovering until your turn at the front comes round again.

If you have any questions about the rides and want any advice on which ride you should join then please do drop us an email through the contact form on the website.