Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club

Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club. A social cycling club based in Wellington Somerset for riders of all ages and abilities. We run rides throughout the week as well as Time Trials in the summer and trips to the Newport Velodrome. The social side of the club is also taken very seriously with each ride having a cafe stop, and several events planned through the year including a summer BBQ, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas lunch. For more information please contact us.


To be completed by parent or legal guardian. The form will be available on race-day at check-in and will require a parental signature

Name of Parent or legal guardian *
Name of Parent or legal guardian
Details of competitor under the age of 18 years *
Details of competitor under the age of 18 years
Date of Birth of competitor *
Date of Birth of competitor
Date of birth on the 12th November 2017
I, as parent or legal guardian of the person named above, HEREBY AGREE to his/her participation in the above named event promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations and DECLARE as follows:- confirm that I have read and understand the rider declaration. I understand and agree that my said son/daughter participates in the event promoted under the Rules and Regulations of Cycling Time Trials, entirely at his/her risk and without liability whatever on the part of Cycling Time Trials, its Chairman, National Committee Members, District Committee Members, Officers and Officials of member clubs, Event Secretary (promoter), Timekeepers, Marshals, Course Measurers, Caterers or helpers in the conduct of the event in respect of any injury loss or damage suffered by him/her however caused. I understand that the function of the marshals in such the event is to do no more than indicate the precise spot at which the rider should turn or the direction he or she should take and that the responsibility for safely negotiating a turn or any other change of direction must rest with the rider alone. I understand further that all competitors in or in the vicinity of the event must observe the law of the land relating to road travel and when racing must ride entirely alone and unassisted. I am satisfied that my son/daughter is sufficiently responsible and experienced to assume full and entire responsibility for his/her own safety whilst engaged in a competition of this kind held wholly or in part on public or private property or on the public highway.
Date of signature
Date of signature
This form will be available at check-in for signing