Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club

Wellington Wheelers Cycling Club. A social cycling club based in Wellington Somerset for riders of all ages and abilities. We run rides throughout the week as well as Time Trials in the summer and trips to the Newport Velodrome. The social side of the club is also taken very seriously with each ride having a cafe stop, and several events planned through the year including a summer BBQ, an Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas lunch. For more information please contact us.

New Wellington Wheelers Chairman elected

Following the recent Annual General Meeting, Matt Bowen has been appointed as new club chairman. John Curtis will take over as Clothing Secretary, all other members of the committee will remain the same.

Please see below for an introduction from the new chairman.

Dear all,

It’s a great honour for me to be elected as Chairman of Wellington Wheelers and I would like to thank those who proposed and voted for me at the recent AGM.

First of all I should thank Martin Lucas for the past three years as Chairman of the club. He has seen the Wheelers go from strength to strength in that time and leaves the club in a very strong position from which to take over and I hope to be able to continue in that vein.

It’s really encouraging on a Sunday morning to turn the corner into Asda car park and see so many people on their bikes eager to set off and ride. The A group continues to grow with new riders and thanks to Huw for planning the rides each week and leading out. It’s wonderful to have people who are committed to the club to do such things. The B group are seeing some riders already stepping up from the C group which is really encouraging and Charles should be thanked for his efforts here.

As many of you will have seen first-hand or at least heard about, the C rides are continuing to be a great success and even the recent wet and cold weather hasn’t put off our newest members who are enjoying themselves immensely. They all say how much more confident they are and some are now even upgrading to better bikes. Alice deserves a great deal of credit for the initiative and for the publicity she garnered to get so many riders to turn up.

We as a club always welcome new members, whatever their level of ability, and if you could tell just one friend or colleague how much you enjoy being part of Wellington Wheelers it would help us to grow our numbers even further.

I do not intend to put in place any radical plans over the next year, instead I would like to encourage more members to take an active part in how the club is run. Wellington Wheelers can be as good as you want it to be and I believe the beauty of our club is that you can put your ideas forward and they will be listened to. If you have any suggestions for new initiatives or ideas then please either join us at one of our quarterly meetings or send us an email via the website.

We pride ourselves on being a social club and it would be lovely to see many of you at the events we have planned over the next 12 months. After the Christmas lunch on the 6th December there will be the Mince Pie run on New Years Day, followed by our Easter Egg Hunt, Velodrome trip, Summer BBQ and curry night throughout the year. These are such fun events and a great chance to get to know other club members so I would urge you to come along if you can.

Stay safe and enjoy your riding.